Admission Counselling

Admission Counselling

Studying abroad is both literally and figuratively a huge leap. It has a massive role in your life and therefore, you need to complete each step of the journey carefully. Goofing up any step will cause loss of time, money and most importantly, the opportunity of a lifetime.

At Ripan, we understand the seriousness of the situation and have designed each process to give you maximum chances of success. As a consultancy with hundreds of successful clients, we’re now well-equipped to work with you – no matter complex it is.


International Students

We provide comprehensive counseling and support to students seeking admission to universities abroad, including assistance with document preparation and submission

Program Selection

Our experienced counselors help students identify and select programs that align with their academic interests and career goals, and guide them through the application process.

Documentation Guidance

We help students navigate the complex documentation requirements for studying abroad, including visa applications, passport renewals, and academic transcripts

Admission Follow-ups

We provide regular updates to students on the status of their applications and help them keep track of important deadlines and requirements.

Mock Interview Preparation

We offer mock interview sessions to help students prepare for interviews with university admission committees and visa officers.

Education Loans

We help students explore options for financing their education, including education loans and scholarships.

Ticketing, Accommodation and Travel Guidance

We provide guidance and support to students throughout the travel process, from booking flights and accommodations to navigating local transportation systems

Pre-departure and post-arrival Services

We offer a range of pre-departure and post-arrival services to support students as they prepare for and adjust to life abroad, including orientation programs, cultural immersion activities, and ongoing support from our team.

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